Best and Worst Outfits of the NBA Awards

By: Justin Martinez (@JustJustin956)

The stars were out Monday night, and the outfits were spectacular…for the most part.

Here are our picks for the best and worst outfits of the NBA Awards.

The Three Best Outfits

1. John Wall

From the cheetah print kicks to the Ron Burgundy three-piece suit, Wall showed why he’s one of the best-dressed players in the league.

The all-red look is a statement by one of the most exciting players on the court, and we love it.

He may have gotten robbed of a spot on an All-Defensive team, but he’s getting his recognition here as the best dresser of the NBA Awards. We see you, John Wall.


2. Patrick Beverley

A lot of people believe that Patrick Beverley is a dirty player, but you can’t deny how clean he looked on the red carpet.

I’m going to assume those pants are short on purpose, but can you blame him when he’s rocking some Louis Vuitton kicks? We’ll give him a pass because of that.

Overall, the outfit is simple and sharp – definitely worthy of a spot on the list.


3. JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee went for the classic look on the red carpet, and the NBA champion (not a typo) made it work.

But let’s be real, he crept into the final spot because of the triple rat tail. Long live the triple rat tail.


The Three Worst Outfits

1. Draymond Green

Oh no Draymond, what is you doin’ baby?

Let me just be the first person to say that I like the Yves Saint Laurent jacket. Unfortunately, Gucci Mane and Asahd wore it better at the BET Awards.

And then there are the shorts. Why the shorts, Draymond? A suit and shorts combo alone will get you on this list. Add in the Pirates of the Caribbean loafers that may or may not be women’s shoes and you have yourself the worst outfit of the NBA Awards.

Congrats on winning the Defensive Player of the Year, but you definitely took the L on the red carpet.


2. Baron Davis

Baron Davis looks like he spent all day at the country club and forgot to bring a change of clothes for the NBA Awards.

I’m tempted to go easy on him because my grandmother has a couch with the same pattern as those pants, but I just can’t let this look slide.

I’m sure the people in the sunken place appreciate this outfit, but it’s a hard pass for us.


3. Von Miller

TNT Crew: “These NBA players have to be the craziest dressers in all of sports.”

Von Miller: “Hold my beer”

I’m not sure if Miller is paying tribute to Prince or Barney the Dinosaur with this fit, but it’s a no either way. Maybe I’m being a little too harsh, but I cringed when I saw this fit.

Stick to dominating on the football field, Von.








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